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Your Magic Rock

Scroll, Spinning

Welcome to our web site!


Here's a little history behind the title.

In April of 2004 my wife and I went to Jamestown, N.Y. to visit our family over a long weekend. We arrived on a Friday and planned on leaving on Sunday so the days are pretty packed with things to do. This particular trip, we came in early enough to go out to dinner Friday where we ate with my father, stepmother and brother (Rod) at Yum Yums.

Anyway, after we ate we all decided to go downtown to Rods office so he could show us some of the new projects he has been working on. Rod, my Dad and my daughter Evelynn drove in Rods Jeep and the rest of us followed in our truck.

Apparently Rod had a rock on the seat of his jeep and Evelynn asked what it was for. Rod, being as witty as he was, quickly responded with "that's my magic rock". Evelynn, who just turned four at the time, asked, "How does it work?" Rod replied "Hold the rock in your hand, close your eyes and think of someone special, like your mom" Evelynn did what he said. Then Rod asked, " Do you see her?" "YES!" Evelynn exclaimed, "I can see her!"
Then Rod said, " That's how it works."

Apparently they enjoyed that rock the entire trip to the office.

We left as scheduled on Sunday morning and about three days later while watching the usual television programs, Evelynn sat down on my lap and sighed "I wish I had a magic rock like my Uncle Rod" I gave her a squeeze and said " do you want to call him and ask him for one?" she said "Yea, lets call him" so we picked up the phone to call him and asked him to find a magic rock like the one he had in his jeep.
Rod laughed when Evelynn asked for the rock and said " the next time he is in Westfield he'd find a rock and send it to her.

About a week later we received a box in the mail from Rod addressed to Evelynn. Inside were a Golden Elephant Jar, a rock and this book about his adventure searching for the magic rock for his niece.

It's truly an example of the way Rod was. He never just looked at things in a simple manor. He would always try to make it a special experience for whoever or whatever it was he was doing something for.


If you would like a copy of the book, or would like a personalized version of this book Rod wrote, goto the "Ordering Info" section of this site.

  • Author: Rod Welling, who died in an automobile accident in June of 2004.
  • The Book was writen for his niece Evelynn.
  • If you feel as if you would like a copy of the book, goto the "ordering Info" section of this site.


JACKSONROHM.COM Visit our good friends website and buy his stuff! Also, go onto the "ROD" link and be sure to listen to the song he wrote "Four on the Floor".

Here is a picture of  Rod in action! This photo was taken from the book.

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